Can I cancel my order?

There is a three-day grace period before entering your manuscript into the formatting process. During that time you may cancel or alter your order.

Should I go with print book or ePub?

This really depends on the type of book you are producing and how you intend to market it. Any book that you plan to display in bookstores will, obviously, have to be print. If you simply want to market it as a low cost digital book on Cygnet bookshop or other e-tailers, then ePub (or a less expensive PDF format) is all you need. For more information, check out our training on Print or ePub.

Should I use a professional editor?

Very few, if any, successful professional writers would edit their own book. The reason is that you as the author know what your book should say and what words are supposed to be there, and your brain automatically skips over the errors, making the corrections as it goes. It is difficult to be truly objective with your own material, which is why most writers prefer a professional editor. A good editor is worth his or her weight in gold. For more information check out our training on Having Your Book Professionally Edited.


Privacy Policy

None of us here like gong to a site and suddenly receiving emails from many others. Our privacy is important to us and so is yours. I will not violate it by selling or giving your personal information to anyone else.