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Do you need a video trailer?


We live in what is often referred to as the multimedia age. We receive more and more of our information online, often in the form of video. In fact, video is becoming ubiquitous in everyday life. While movies are and always have been an important form of entertainment, even movies have been affected by multimedia. We often decide which movie to watch based on the trailers we view online. We are used to, and even demand, video content for everything.


A book is no different, in that the best way to generate interest is through a well-designed video trailer. It used to be that we would read the back cover to see who had nice things to say about the book, and perhaps the inside pages to get an overview. Now, with many books being sold online and delivered to our homes, this is more difficult to do. Instead, once again we turn to the internet for our information.


Certainly you do not need a trailer to promote your book, but in today's internet and multimedia age this is becoming a more common practice and soon will probably be almost mandatory in order to sell books.


A good video trailer may have an additional benefit for those hoping to attract Hollywood producers to their book. Movie producers always have an eye out for the next blockbuster and your trailer may be the key to that market.


With the growing interest in video trailers for book promotion comes an expanding marketplace of video producers hoping to capitalize on this market. As with everything else, buyer beware. I have seen offers to create video trailers that range from $99 for a minute's worth of images and text to several thousand dollar mega productions. Neither of these are suitable for the average author.


There is also a plethora of software available for the do-it-yourselfers. Many of these programs are free or inexpensive and can do a good job of producing video. The thing to remember is that a poorly done video will turn people off the book faster than a good video will turn them towards it. And as with everything else on the internet, once it's out there it doesn't go away.


To create a good video you need to consider three things. First is the script. You need a script that builds excitement for your book and leaves the viewer wanting more.


Second is images and short video segments. Most of these can be bought online, but be cautious about just scooping up content. If you don't have the rights to the images you use, you may find all your profits from your book going to someone else. The images and video segments have to be coordinated to work with the script in a seemingly natural flow.


The third and most often forgotten component is music. Music sets the tone and mood for the video and tells people what they should feel when watching the video. In some ways the music is more important than the script itself, and it is usually an undervalued component.


All three of these components have to be developed to work in harmony with each other or your video will appear disjointed. Remember it's better to have no video than a bad one.


To produce a good quality video trailer with a professional voice-over, you can expect to spend between $500 and $1500. Be wary of deals that cost less and extra wary of those costing more. Check out Cygnet Media for more information on our trailers, but also check out other sites. Find someone you feel will do your book justice and then start writing your script.